Building works of Luxembourg City's new Royal Hamilius kicked off four years ago. But do you remember the former centre Aldringen?

Back in the 1980s, the underground parking lot of the former "centre Aldringen" was one of Luxembourg City's hidden cultural hotspots and the birthplace of the country's hip hop and graffiti scene.

These pictures were taken in March 2015 - one week before the general public could no longer access the centre Aldringen. In autumn 2018, the new parking lot opened its doors and the Royal Hamilius complex will presumably open next year in May.

The architects of the building planned 7,000 m² for apartments, 16,000 m² for businesses and 10,000 m² for offices. There will be three residential blocks: the Royal-Monterey, Royal-Hamilius and Royal-Aldringen. The accommodation selection ranges from smaller studios (36 m²) to large penthouses (257 m²).

Apart from Galeries Lafayette, Fnac and Delhaize will also open in 2019.

On a side note: don't be surprised if locals still refer to Royal Hamilius as Aldringen (or Aldringer) - for many Luxembourgers, the new name has not caught on yet.

About this series

In this popular series, RTL photographer Domingos Oliveira takes you to hidden places, lesser known locations and buildings with an interesting story.

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