The Minister of Labour, Employment, and the Social and Solidarity Economy Dan Kersch has confirmed that the additional day off and bank holiday on 9 May will already take place in 2019.

The latest session of the parliamentary commission on employment only lasted 10 minutes on Tuesday morning, as MPs and the state council remained unanimous.

The Chamber of Deputies' agenda does not seem to expect complications when it comes to the extra vacation days: the report will be accepted on Thursday and the plenary chamber will vote on the draft bill in the coming weeks.

As a result, the minister has confirmed that Luxembourg's residents will benefit from the Europe Day bank holiday on 9 May and an additional day off work this year.

The one question that remains to be determined is the additional day off's formulation in the collective agreement.

If it is written as "statutory leave plus x amount of days", then most people stand to benefit.

However, if the legislation is more explicit as "25 days leave plus x amount of days", this will be trickier for some employees.