Top 5 of Luxembourg's tallest buildings (under the Public Buildings Administration and the Fonds Belval), as compiled by our colleagues at

The title of this article could very well have been "Luxembourg seen from above", at least for those who work in these buildings! Here we list the top 5 of the country's skyscrapers.

5) "Maison du Savoir" (literally "house of knowledge") of the University of Luxembourg in Belval. In use.
84m (ground floor + 18 floors + 1 floor for technical services)

4) Blast furnace A ("Haut Fourneau A") in Belval. Renovated.
85m (ground floor + 10 technical platforms)

3) Blast furnace B ("Haut Furneau B") in Belval. Renovated.
93m (ground floor + 11 technical platforms)

2) The European Union court of justice (first two towers) in Kirchberg. In use.
95m ( ground floor + 24 floors + two floors reserved for technical services)

1) Fifth extension of the European Union court of justice (third tower). Under construction. 
112m (ground floor + 29 floors + 2 floors reserved for technology)

And for those who aim even higher:

The 300m high transmission mast in Housen is the country's tallest construction.The three masts in Beidweiler are all 290m tall and the one in Dudelange is 246m. The three Junglinster transmission masts measure an impressive 215m, and 217.5m if you include the lightning rod.


Transmission masts Junglinster.