Dear Job Doctor, what are the reasons behind people changing jobs in Luxembourg?

We discussed in previous columns that the most common reasons for considering changing employers were the ‘relationship with manager’, ‘new challenge/opportunity’, and 'work-life balance'.

The others include:, ‘better pay or conditions’ and ‘job security’.

Today I will address ‘better pay or conditions’.

This is probably the most common reason for someone to consider leaving an organisation, but it is rarely the ‘real’ reason.

An expert recruiter will uncover the real motivations for leaving using probing questioning techniques and listening skills to identify hidden clues. The candidate sometimes surprise themselves with new revelations. We usually discover that someone feels undervalued and in fact would consider leaving for the same or even less for a better balance, manager or culture.

A wise recruiter does not wish to represent candidates who are motivated by money and money alone, this is due to the tendency to accept a counter-offer from their current employer.

A seasoned recruiter who has a thorough understanding of the pay scales in your industry will quickly inform you of the potential for more pay and benefits. Listen to your expert, seasoned and wise recruiter!

The New Situation

We currently find ourselves in a unique and never-before seen work situation. Working remotely has changed the relationship we have with our manager, colleagues and organisation, especially for those new to the firm. The relationships with our manager, peers and colleagues and the loyalty we have with them is no longer as strong.

A worrying trend for employers

Considering most of us are working at our home workstation and executing our tasks for our firm, what overwhelming difference would it make if you were doing the same for another firm, but for better pay and conditions? …

Many employees have come to the conclusion that there is very little to differentiate executing tasks for one firm than another and will consider changing for more money.

‘Companies that don’t think they need to come back to the office are in for a shock!’ (Simon Sinek)

A recent Gartner survey found that almost 50% of the workforce is projected to be working hybrid in the near future. The necessary shift of the relationship between the employee and their manager has become more emotional and supportive.

Since 2005 my team and I have met employees from almost every organisation in Luxembourg and recognise that those managers who have these qualities will benefit. However, those that do not far outweigh those that have, resulting in excess employee turnover.

The 2021 Gartner global survey supports this, noting less than half of managers are prepared for the future role; leading with empathy.

HR gets an A+

The winner in Luxembourg is the HR Profession. A role that is rarely recognised for the contribution they make. I have witnessed some exceptional efforts in the new and uncertain circumstances, they have really stepped up to the new challenges and leaders are now relying more than ever on their expertise and guidance.

Darren Robinson is the Managing Partner at Anderson Wise, an independent local recruitment firm in Luxembourg.