Dear Job Doctor, what are the reasons behind people changing jobs in Luxembourg?

We discussed in a previous column that one of the most common reasons for considering a change in employers was the ‘relationship with manager’.

The others include; ‘new challenge/opportunity’ ‘work/life balance’ ‘Company Culture/Values’ ‘better pay or conditions’, ‘job security’.

Today I will address the reasoning behind ‘new challenge/opportunity'.


It will come as no surprise that the length of time one spends at a company is reducing. This is more acute in Luxembourg due to the prominence of the service sector, which has one of the lowest tenures. My team has met and interviewed over 20,000 people and we have concluded that the average length of tenure of those of whom we’ve met is 4 years. It does vary between age groups and those over 40 years of age tend to stay longer.

Why 4 years?

Typically, we learn the most in the first few years of a new job and changing can further develop our knowledge and keep us challenged; it keeps our skills fresh!

When there is no internal opportunity to advance, many consider changing rather than risk limiting their professional growth. A new manager and team can also provide new learning experiences and there is almost always an increase in remuneration.

A change is as good as a rest!

At the stage of recognising that you have learned everything the job requires and becomes very easy, for many, this is the moment boredom sets in. Nobody really wants to be in a boring role and changing jobs can rediscover your passion and commitment to improve.

When deciding to make a change, please consider all internal options available to you. Speak with your direct manager and /or your HR Department to explore the possibility of new internal positions. Don’t wait until you resign to have this meeting … it’s too late … decisions are made in haste and rarely do I see a good outcome by staying.

Evaluate the risks

Check my previous column on evaluating the risk involved in changing jobs.


Darren Robinson is the Managing Partner at Anderson Wise, an independent local recruitment firm in Luxembourg.