Dear Job Doctor, What are the reasons behind people changing jobs in Luxembourg?

We discussed in previous columns that the most common reasons for considering changing employers were the ‘relationship with manager’ and ‘new challenge/opportunity’.

The others include: ‘work-life balance’ ‘company culture/values’ ‘better pay or conditions’ and ‘job security’.

Today I will address ‘work-life balance’.


It surprised me to learn that the term ‘work-life balance’ was first coined the 1970s. 50 years later many companies have still failed to accommodate it and employees feel the need to change companies in order to attain it. Covid has brought the topic back on to the high priority agenda, although working from home (WFH) has its appeal to some office workers; many are struggling to manage work, teach their children and step away from their computer. Today’s workplace is an unpredictable and under-pressure environment, giving employees the opportunity to work from home a couple of days a week is a blessing for many; but is it for all?

Is WFH the panacea? 

Probably not, judging by the conversations my team and I have with dozens of people each week looking to change employers in order to improve their balance. Most citing that WFH has created higher expectations and demands from their employer and on many occasions their immediate family too!

Are you in control? 

Success Coach. Heather Moulder, says ‘balance is about feeling good about yourself and being in control of your life and career path, both keys to creating happiness for yourself and bringing real meaning to your life.’

Fortunately, there are many smart employers who know that providing the right environment that supports work-life balance increases productivity and loyalty among their employees.

Their goal is to provide employees with more control and flexibility to get things done in their professional life and still have the energy and time for their personal life.

Identifying the right Employer? 

There are plenty of resources to discover whether your future employer can provide you with the control and flexibility to achieve the balance you require.

  • Take out references on the company, ask your network if they know someone working there with whom you can speak with.
  • Check LinkedIn to see if you have any connections who are working there or have worked there in the past. 
  • Ask a trusted recruitment firm for their objective opinion. 

Ask at the interview: 

  • What would a typical day look like? 
  • What do you do to help employees maintain a work-life balance? 

Does your current employer know? 

When deciding to make a change, please consider all internal options available to you. Speak with your direct manager and /or your HR Department to explore the possibility of providing you with the balance you need.

Evaluate the risks 

Check my previous column on evaluating the risk involved in changing jobs.

Darren Robinson is the Managing Partner at Anderson Wise, an independent local recruitment firm in Luxembourg.