Red tape has been cut to ensure the process of arriving and getting settled is easier. This guide outlines what to do, and helpful resources.

Following the EU-wide decision to provide temporary protection to all Ukrainian refugees for an initial period of one year, the process of settling temporarily in any EU country, including Luxembourg, has been made considerably easier.

This brief guide outlines the main steps to be taken upon arrival, and then provides information and links to resources that may prove useful. It will be updated as we receive more information. Should any questions remain unanswered, or if you are a local with further information to add, please contact us directly through the comment section below or via e-mail through

Before arriving - consular questions

If you are on your way, or trying to leave Ukraine, and have have questions, you should contact the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MAE). You can reach them by calling +352 2478 2386, or sending an e-mail to

On arrival - registering with the authorities

Ukrainian refugees will not have to go through the asylum procedure. Instead, you must make your presence known by filling out a form (currently available in English, French, Ukrainian, and Russian) and e-mailing it to

You can access the form, and further information, via the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

On arrival - reception centre

Luxembourg's government has set up an initial reception centre for anyone fleeing the war in Ukraine. The centre is open 24/7, and can be found at SHUK (Structure d’hébergement d’urgence au Kirchberg). SHUK will provide accommodation, food, and important information to prepare you for your stay in Luxembourg.

You can find more information about SHUK (in English and French) here. Click here to see the location on Google Maps and get directions.

SHUK Map embed

On arrival - getting around

You should know that public transport is free across the whole country of Luxembourg. This includes trains, buses, trams, and the funicular in Kirchberg, regardless of distance travelled, but only applies to second/standard class travel on trains (first class requires an additional ticket and is not free). Travelling across borders will incur a cost for the part of the journey outside of Luxembourg's borders.

You can find a guide to getting around the country here. The Mobiliteit website and apps (Android, Apple) can be used to find public transport options between any two destinations, as can Google Maps.

While here - access to healthcare

Maison Médicale in Luxembourg City can provide access to healthcare for Ukrainians under temporary protection.

You do not need a social security or national matriculation number in order to receive treatment here.

Address of the “Maison Médicale”:
23, Val Fleuri, L-1526 Luxembourg 
Bus lines: 222, 262, 22, 21 230, 16, 31 
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 08:30 – 12:00 | 13:00 - 16:30

Any medicines that the doctor prescribes can be obtained at pharmacies. If you have received a prescription from Maison Médicale then this will be paid for in full by the Ministry of Health.

In the event of an emergency, ring 112 and ask for an ambulance. The hospital on duty will provide emergency care free of charge to those not yet affiliated with health insurance.

While here - access to school

We reached out the the Ministry of Education to get clarification on what the access to school will look like for Ukrainian children and young people. Please find full information on that here.

Government services and contacts

Upon arrival, your immediate questions should be answered by SHUK, as above. Beyond that, the following will be useful contacts.

Official information centre: Guichet
Guichet is a service that provides answers to commonly asked questions about the administrative aspects of life in Luxembourg. Click here for the website.

National Reception Office (ONA)
Phone: +352 247 857 00

Ministry of Health (Sante)
Phone: +352 247 855 00

Ministry of Education
Phone: +352 247 851 13

Later on - work

Working may, understandably, not be on the top of your list of priorities right now. Still, it may be good to know that following the temporary protection decision, you will not need a work permit should you wish to seek employment in Luxembourg. Employers can employ Ukrainian nationals following the standard employment procedure, and you are free to seek employment.

More information can be found through the employment agency ADEM.

Associations, communities, services

Important numbers

Police: 113
Ambulance and fire services: 112
Red cross hotline (social helpline): 2755

Ukraine Consulate
Phone: +352 25 22 99
Location: 6, avenue des Archiducs, L-1135, Luxembourg.

LUkraine - Ukrainian Community in Luxembourg
This association provides information for Ukrainians in Luxembourg, as well as residents who wish to help. They have also published a page with information for Ukrainians arriving in Luxembourg

Facebook pages and social communities
There are several useful social communities with large memberships who are generally very knowledgeable and willing to help. This is a selection:

Facebook: Ukrainians in Luxembourg

Facebook: Luxembourg Expats Covid Community (note: not limited to discussion on Covid. It started as such, but has grown into an immensely helpful and warm community)

Reddit: Luxembourg

Facebook: Free your stuff (give/request free items)

ASTI - information for immigrants
Phone: +352 43 83 33 1
RYSE Luxembourg - Refugee youth support and empowerment

Caritas Luxembourg
Phone: +352 40 21 31 - 1
Location: 29 Rue Michel Welter, Luxembourg

Red Cross Luxembourg
Phone: 2755
Location: 44 Boulevard Joseph II, Luxembourg

Questions? Things to add?

As we mentioned at the top of this article, we will continuously update, amend, and add as we receive more information and questions to answer. Anyone with questions, or suggestions for information to add, can contact us via e-mail ( or by leaving a comment below.