Discover "Zuel" - the new online game that makes learning Luxembourgish numbers fun and interactive!

Jérôme Lulling, a Luxembourg-born linguistics expert, has been at the forefront of preserving and educating others on the Luxembourgish language. With his expertise in language education, Lulling has developed a variety of resources including online crosswords, tutorials on YouTube, and the online game "Sproochespill" for

In collaboration with Emanuele Prestifilippo, an IT consultant and Scrum Master, Lulling has launched a new online game called "Zuel". The game is designed to help learners practice their Luxembourgish number skills in a fun and interactive way. Based on the popular online game "Guess My Number", "Zuel" features audio files for each number from 1 to 200, allowing learners to see and hear the pronunciation of each number.

The duo also worked, a project that aims to help learners improve their Luxembourgish language skills through a concordancer and grammar spell checker. Currently their main focus, the project is expected to be a valuable resource for anyone seeking to learn and master the Luxembourgish language.

In addition to the "Zuel" Lulling also developed two other games, "Shoot the Error" and "Jérôme's House", a graphic adventure game with lots of Luxembourgish texts.

Shoot the Error

If you're looking for a challenging way to practice your Luxembourgish language skills, "Shoot the Error" is a great option.

This game offers various categories to choose from based on your level, including verbs, adjectives, syntax, and even the feared-by-many "Dativ".

However, this game is more than just a simple exercise. Along with shooting errors, you'll also have to eliminate obstacles that can reach you (a bomb or even a random duck), making the game more engaging and interactive. Who said you can't learn a language whilst gaming?



Jérôme's House

"Jérôme's House" is an engaging and interactive graphic adventure game that requires a basic understanding of Luxembourgish, preferably at the A1 to A2 level.

The game includes voice recordings and a map of Jérôme's house with all its rooms.

By clicking on a room, you can explore it and see a small description of Jérôme standing in the room and what he sees or what commands he can perform.You can choose what Jérôme will do next, such as "look for a phone underneath the bed" or "open the door to the closet."

With various possibilities and everyday scenarios based on your commands, you can guide Jérôme through his house and learn Luxembourgish along the way.