With 14 Luxembourgish lessons in the bag, the time has come to see if you have actually learned anything. Take our quiz to find out!

Last week we made a big announcement: we have set an exam for you! You are after all following an online class to learn Luxembourgish and that does require some sort of test, wouldn't you agree?

But since this is not an in-class exam, you'll have plenty of time to prepare and take it. You might even consider this an open-book exam. Or if you are very brave, you'll try it to take it without any help whatsoever.

Either way we can't give you a fail, so there's that..

So grab your lucky pencil (you know, for luck) and get ready!

We also take this as an opportunity to tell you that we are also taking a bit of a summer break — but don't worry, we'll be back with new lessons in a couple of weeks.

Until then have fun and revise your language skills!

In case you missed some lessons or you decided to take a look at our lessons after taking the quiz, click here for the overview. There is no shame in that! This is supposed to be fun after all.