With the holiday season now upon us, here's a compilation of current and upcoming Christmas markets - plus some hand-selected 'must visits'.

As the holiday season approaches and the frost starts to bite your cheeks and fingertips, Luxembourg is about to transform into a winter wonderland adorned with festive lights, the aroma of mulled wine, and the joyous sounds of seasonal music.

To help you make the most of this enchanting time, we've compiled a detailed list of the Grand Duchy's many Christmas markets. From the charming streets of Luxembourg City to the picturesque corners of Vianden, immerse yourself in the holiday spirit as we take you on a journey through the magical markets that make Luxembourg truly special.

This article draws on a stellar compilation put together by the social media brand Luxembourg Does it Best, which is available on Instagram and TikTok. It's a fantastic source for information on events, traditions, and recommendations in Luxembourg (throughout the year), so do check it out!

24 November - 7 January: Winterlights in Luxembourg City


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Luxembourg City's Winterlights market, spanning 24 November to 7 January at Place d'Armes, Place de la Constitution, and Place de Paris, is a dazzling display of historic grandeur. Amid iconic landmarks, visitors can explore stalls offering everything from handcrafted gifts to culinary delights. Immerse yourself in the festive glow of Luxembourg City's enchanting 3-part Christmas celebration.

17 November - 22 December: Den Escher Krëschtmoart in Esch-sur-Alzette


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From November 17 to December 22, the Place de l'Hôtel de Ville in Esch-sur-Alzette transforms into a festive haven. This southern city welcomes visitors to a market filled with regional delights and artisan crafts. With its cozy atmosphere and seasonal cheer, Esch-sur-Alzette's Christmas market captures the essence of holiday magic in the south.

25 November - 17 December: Christmas craziness in Dudelange


© Ville de Dudelange

Dudelange will host three Christmas markets this year. From November 25 to December 17, Place am Duerf welcomes visitors with festive stalls and community spirit. Then, from December 8 to December 17, the Place de l'Hôtel de Ville continues the holiday magic. Discover the heartwarming blend of local crafts and seasonal delights at Dudelange's twin celebrations.

2 December: 'Cliärref, e Wanterduerf' in Clervaux


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On 2 December, the Christmas market in Clervaux unfolds along the Montée de l’Eglise and nearby pedestrian zone. This picturesque setting in the heart of the Ardennes provides a tranquil escape for visitors seeking a perfect balance of festive cheer and peaceful beauty. Discover the magic of Christmas in Clervaux while exploring the picturesque landscape of the north or visit Edward Steichen's irreplaceable 'Family of Man' photography exhibit inside Clervaux's historic castle. Then, perhaps, enjoy some well-earned mulled wine to end the day in wintry comfort.

2 December: Krëstmoort in Vianden


© Visit Vianden

Vianden welcomes the holiday season with a Christmas market that transforms this medieval town into a festive wonderland. On 2 December, the market unfolds in the heart of Vianden at Place vic. Abens, surrounded by cobblestone streets and a view of stunning Vianden Castle. Strolling through the market, visitors can explore a myriad of stalls adorned with handcrafted treasures and regional delights. With the charming backdrop of the castle and the scent of seasonal treats in the air, this market invites guests to experience the magic of the season in a fairytale setting, where holiday cheer and Luxembourg's history seamlessly come together.

Other Christmas markets in the Duchy

To make the most of this festive season, here's a list of Christmas markets happening throughout the Duchy in November and December. If you'd like to know more about markets after 24 December, visit our TravelmatKanner guide here.

Long-term markets

17 November – 22 December
Place de l’Hôtel de Ville in Esch-sur Alzette

24 November – 7 January
Place d’Armes, Place de la Constitution, Place de Paris in Luxembourg City

25 November – 17 December
Place am Duerf in Dudelange

8 December – 17 December
Place de l’Hôtel de Ville in Dudelange

1 December – 21 December
Place du Marché in Differdange

1 December – 17 December
Place des Villes Jumelées in Modorf-les-Bains

9 December – 23 December
Communal parc in Hesperange


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Short-term markets

24  25 November
Millen in Beckerich
Church in Bridel
Musée de l‘Ardoise, Haut-Martelange

25 November
Place de l’Eglise in Bastendorf
Luusshaff in Schrondweiler

24 – 26 November
Schungfabrik in Tétange
Buvette FC Kielen in Kehlen

26 November
Paalsbau in Noertrange

30 November – 3 December
Place JF Kennedy in Pétange

1 December
A Wiewesch in Manternach
Centre Turelbaach in Mertzig

1 – 3 December
Parking central in Bertrange
Castle in Bettembourg
Castle in Koerich
Place de l’Indépendance in Mamer
Duerfplaz in Mondercange
Centre de loisirs in Steinsel

2 December
Duerfkär in Beaufort
Montée de l’Eglise in Clervaux
Centre Culturel in Junglinster
Place du Lavoir in Leudelange
Place vic.Abens in Vianden
Centre Culturel Bonnevoie in Luxembourg

2 – 3 December
Place St Michel in Mersch
Place Dr. F. Kons in Remich

3 December
Castle in Wiltz

8 December
Castle in Wiltz

8 – 9 December
Parc Centre Barblé in Strassen
Castle in Useldange

8 – 10 December
Place Claus Cito in Bascharage
Pedestrian zone in Ettelbruck
Schoolyard in Lintgen
Place de l’Indépendance in Mamer
Parc in Steinfort

9 December
Huldanger Sall in Huldange

9 – 10 December
Kleng Moartplaz in Grevenmacher
Place Dr. F. Kons in Remich

15 – 16 December
Kiercheplaz in Saeul
Duerfplaz in Sandweiler

15 – 17 December
Castle in Aspelt
Pedestrian zone in Diekirch
Parking A Kack in Echternach
Place de l’Eglise in Schuttrange
Parc in Steinfort

16 – 17 December
Place Bleech in Larochette

With all of these markets to come, Luxembourg can surely compete with its neighbours; Strasbourg who?

Have we forgotten any?