Today, Luxembourg celebrates a cherished tradition - Mantelsonndeg! Can't decide what type of coat to choose today? Then this short review is for you.

But first, what excatly is Mantelsonndeg? Coat Sunday, in English, is a day that offers the perfect opportunity to score great discounts on coats and other clothing items to complete your winter wardrobe before the frost sets in. Stores will be open today, Sunday, from 2pm to 6pm, providing ample time for your shopping expedition.

What is Mantelsonndeg all about? According to tradition, Mantelsonndeg falls on the last Sunday before All Saints' Day, allowing people the special opportunity to purchase a new coat to brave the winter chill while visiting the graves of their loved ones. This unique blend of commerce and tradition sets Mantelsonndeg apart, making it a day cherished by Luxembourgers.

The right coat can elevate your look, keep you warm, and make a statement all at once. If you need some help with making up your mind about the type of coat you can choose today..., we've compiled a list of the top 8 must-have coats for your winter wardrobe, each with its own unique charm and versatility.


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1. The trench coat

A nicely tailored trench coat is an absolute wardrobe essential. It's a versatile piece that can effortlessly elevate a casual outfit or complement a more formal or professional look. Trench coats, known for their lightweight feel, are a timeless choice, but may require some warmer clothes (i.e. sweaters!) to layer underneath on frosty days.

2. The robe coat

A long robe coat might be the most timeless piece of outerwear one can invest in. Combining the length of a trench or duster with a loose, slouchy fit, it offers endless styling possibilities. This slightly oversized silhouette, which can be belted at the waist, pairs perfectly with virtually any outfit.

3. The leather jacket

The oversized leather jacket trend is here to stay through the winter months. Classic and bulky, it allows for comfortable layering with your chunkiest knit sweaters. Whether in 'aviator' or 'moto' style, a leather coat is a stylish addition to your outerwear collection.

4. The parka

A parka is a timeless choice for staying insulated and warm during winter. With a well-insulated yet lightweight design, the parka allows for an oversized silhouette without weighing a person down.

5. The puffer coat

Puffer jackets, also known as quilted jackets, are characterised by their signature quilted design filled with down insulation or synthetic fibers. While they offer excellent warmth, they remain lightweight. Keep in mind that they may not suit every outfit, especially more dressed-up looks.

6. The pea coat

Combining the warmth of a robe coat with the classic style of a trench, a pea coat offers both form and function. Pay attention to the fit when shopping for this coat, as its slim silhouette may require sizing up to accommodate thicker sweaters.

7. The faux-fur coat

Faux-fur coats are not only playful but also exceptionally effective at keeping you warm. It's never a bad idea to opt for a neutral-colored coat, but with so many vibrant faux-fur coats out there, taking a step or two out of your color palette comfort zone can really pay off!

8. The shearling coat

For those who prefer cropped silhouettes, a shearling moto jacket is an excellent choice to stay warm during colder months.Alternatively, full-length shearling coats are perfect for those who love to wear miniskirts or short dresses year-round. While these coats are traditionally made from processed lambskin or sheepskin, vegan options are now widely available.

Now that you're in 'the know', you're ready to go - and we wish you the best of luck at Mantelsonndeg!