RTL Today recently embarked on a quest to sample the best croissants the city has to offer!

Among Luxembourg's many gastronomic treasures, the city boasts some of the finest croissants that will transport your taste buds to Parisian cafes. If you're a croissant connoisseur or simply crave a flaky, buttery delight, here are our four recommended places in Luxembourg to get your fix.

This is the third part of Caro and Emma's culinary adventures across the Grand Duchy - check out their inside scoop on the best ice cream here, and a jittery review of specialty coffee here.

Boulangerie Patisserie Kremer-Jakoby

Our first stop was Boulangerie Patisserie Kremer-Jakoby, a cozy bakery that has spanned three generations. At the stroke of 11.45am on a weekday, we were disappointed to find that the pain au chocolat had already vanished. Undeterred, we opted for a scrumptious chocolate chip brioche and a traditional croissant. The bakery's selection of little cakes, sweets, and breads left us spoiled for choice.

Where?: 11, boulevard Pierre Dupong, Luxembourg

Au pain de Mary


Continuing our journey, we arrived at Au pain de Mary in Gasperich. The lunch rush was in full swing, with locals bustling in to grab their sandwiches on the go. Although there are no spots to sit inside, the few chairs at the front offered a pleasant respite. Besides the delectable croissants, we discovered a delightful array of artisanal honey, jams, and cakes available for purchase. Regrettably, we didn't have the opportunity to taste their intriguing "pain au cacao", a cocoa-infused loaf of bread.

Where?: 40 Rue de Gasperich, Gasperich

Patisserie Hoffmann Porte Neuve


Next, we ventured into the heart of the city center to visit Patisserie Hoffmann Porte Neuve. With ample seating options, this patisserie beckoned us to stay a while. We savored our coffee and tea accompanied by a perfect croissant and a delicious pain au chocolat. During our visit, we stumbled upon something extraordinary on our receipt—so make sure to check out our video!

Where?: 18 Av. de la Porte-Neuve, Luxembourg (and other locations)



For our final stop, we decided to try a Luxembourgish chain that's familiar to many readers—Fischer. Despite it being well past midday, their croissants and pain au chocolat were still warm! By this point, our pastry-filled bellies (and bikini body conscience) were struggling to keep up, but we couldn't resist savoring yet another delectable treat.

Where?: 21 Av. Monterey, Luxembourg (among many other locations)

Now, dear readers, we'd like to hear from you! What is your favorite place in Luxembourg to indulge in a scrumptious croissant? Are there any other culinary delights you'd like us to review in the future? Let us know your thoughts and recommendations!

As we bid adieu to our croissant adventure, it's worth mentioning that Caro's favorite spot for pastries was the classic Fischer, while Emma found her croissant paradise at Au pain de Mary.

Bon appétit!