Luxembourg's ice cream scene is a sweet symphony of flavors, and our exploration of these four delightful establishments left us craving more!

In a world filled with endless possibilities, few things bring as much joy as a scoop of delectable ice cream on a warm summer's day. In our pursuit of frozen bliss, we set out on an epic adventure through the charming streets of Luxembourg, uncovering a realm of sweet indulgence and taste bud tickling delights.


Our first stop led us to Nice (no, not the south of France), located next to the picturesque Parc de Merl, in Belair. This place was born out of the shared "passion for ice cream & coffee" of four friends. Talk about a tasty friendship!

Nice ice cream is renowned for its mouthwatering pistachio and hazelnut flavors, but what also caught our attention was their delicious vegan chocolate flavor, alongside other vegan options and lactose-free sorbets. And because sharing is caring (especially when it comes to ice cream), you can also take home boxes of ice cream, ranging from 500g, 750g to a kilogram.

Not only do they serve up deliciousness, but Nice is also committed to using fresh ingredients and eco-friendly materials. No wonder their ice cream is, well, nice!

Don't forget to check out their website for more information on their tempting offers.


© Carolina Reinertz


Just a few steps away from Nice, we stumbled upon a line of people waiting to get an ice cream from the family-owned gem, Bonomeria.

Owned by the Bonomi family who moved here from Parma, Italy, their mission is to bring the authentic flavors of Italy to Luxembourg.

Their pistachio flavor is known to be a best-seller, but they also impressed us with a variety of luscious sorbets like mango and strawberry.

For those with dietary restrictions, Bonomeria offers gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan options. Besides ice cream, you can treat yourself to delightful parfaits, personalized ice cream cakes, and other Italian pastries.

These folks are all about innovation and experimentation. They keep things fresh with weekly flavor surprises that will have you screaming "Bonomeria-mia!"

Check out their website for the full scoop!


© Carolina Reinertz


Next we were welcomed by a long-standing favorite among locals in the city centre, Veneziano.

While they boast the traditional flavors of vanilla and chocolate, the extensive selection of over 50 flavors left us spoilt for choice. Unusual options like cactus, avocado, and strawberry chocolate chip intrigued us, and they even have a vegan range!

With affordable prices and a quick-moving queue, Veneziano offers a delightful ice cream experience.

Additionally, their restaurant, located adjacent to the gelateria, provides an opportunity to savor delectable pizzas and more.

Their website may not give much information on their ice cream offerings, but you can find their restaurant menu on it!


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Last but definitely not the least, we found ourselves at Bargello, tucked away in Luxembourg's Gare district.

Owned by gelato virtuoso Laura Fontani who is committed to upholding the Florentine savoir-faire of gelato-making tradition and quality ingredients, Bargello is a treasure trove of flavours!

Their pistachio, hazelnut, and unique crema Barrgello (mascarpone and coffee) flavors, are known to sell out by the end of the day!

Vegan options and an allergy list further cater to various dietary needs. Oh, and let's spill the cocoa beans here: Bargello's Belgian vegan chocolate proved to be a crowd-pleaser!

Alongside Italian pastries and heavenly ice cream cakes, we discovered a quaint terrace at the back of the shop—a peaceful retreat from the bustling city streets.

Fun fact: Bargello has their own "Bargello Sweetbike" which can be found around the Municipal Park in the city, from April to September (if weather permits). You can grab a cone to go from 3pm to 7pm on Saturdays and Sundays!

For a full symphony of flavors, be sure to check out Bargello's website.


© Carolina Reinertz

Now it's your turn, dear reader! We'd love to hear about your favorite ice cream spots in Luxembourg. Drop us a comment and share your most cherished gelato gems with us.