Let's take a closer look at some of the noteworthy coffee shops in Luxembourg!

We sipped, we slurped, we over-caffeinated... That's how far we'll go for our readers to have a beautiful selection of specialty coffees in Luxembourg!

After tasting some of the best coffees in the Grand Duchy, our jittery hands couldn't even hold a pen steady...ah, the joys of journalism!

Now we're here to share with you the hidden beans of Luxembourg where you can get your cup of Java!



An establishment that holds a significant place in Luxembourg's coffee history is Café Knopes. The story of Café Knopes dates back to 1936 when Albert Knopes, a trained teacher, decided to open a colonial grocery store that soon became specialized in coffee. With 80 years of experience and four generations carrying on the legacy, the passion for coffee remains as strong as their espresso!

Continuing the tradition of artisanal coffee roasting, Knopes takes pride in their family's expertise. Embracing seasonality, the shop varies its coffee range based on the seasons and harvests, ensuring customers have the opportunity to discover freshly picked crops and explore the diverse flavors produced worldwide.

Sustainability holds immense importance for Knopes as they strive towards a better future. Most coffee production is subject to stock market pricing, but the coffees they select are negotiated directly with the farmers based on the harvest's quality. This approach not only motivates the farmers but also enables them to provide social benefits to their employees and improve their plantations in harmony with nature.

Knopes Coffee Shop

Open: Monday to Saturday
Weekdays: 8am to 5pm
Saturday: 9.30am to 5pm

Where?: 11 Avenue de la porte neuve, L-2227 Luxembourg City

Knopes Cafe

Open: Monday to Saturday
Weekdays: 8am to 5pm
9.30am to 5pm

Where?: 18 Rue Dicks, L-1417 Gare Luxembourg

Knopes Coffee Roastery

Open: Monday and Thursday
When?: 9am to 3pm
Where?: 7 Zone um Woeller, L-4410 Soleuvre Sanem

Do For Love Coffee


You can find "Do For Love Coffee", a newcomer in Luxembourg, situated in a prime location close to Galeries Lafayette. The coffee shop offers a minimalist and sophisticated decor, just as their minimalist logo: a one-line drawing of a person striking a dance pose* with a coffee cup.

Do for Love stands out because they use top-notch equipment, including the "see-through" Aremde coffee machine imported from Australia. The innovative design enables customers to witness the way coffee streams into the cup, without having to lean or peek around the machine.

To complement their coffee offerings, Do for Love serves delicious treats such as carrot cake, crumble berry bars, gluten free cookies and much more!

*To read more about the coffee shops history and some fun bits, such as the owner's passion for break-dancing, have a look at Kachen's interview with one of the initiators of the project!

Open: Monday to Saturday
Weekdays: 7.30am to 5.30pm
Saturday: 9am to 5.30pm

Where?:  51 Bd Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg City

Intense Coffee 


Nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Limpertsberg, Intense Coffee combines the art of specialty coffee with a delightful selection of housemade vegan bites, catering to those seeking both exceptional flavors and plant-based options. All the milk options available at the coffee shop are plant-based!

Intense Coffee works together with Kaffeekirsche, a reputable coffee bean supplier based in Berlin and a dear friend of the owners. The collaboration ensures a steady supply of high-quality coffee beans that are carefully selected and roasted to perfection. The owners' admiration for coffee places they encountered during their travels inspired them to recreate a similar experience in their hometown.

They spent time in Berlin planning and envisioning how they could bring that essence to Luxembourg. Today, as they celebrate their first year of existence, they take pride in the realization of their dream and the joy they derive from serving their guests in their thoughtfully designed space.

Open: Everyday! 
Weekdays: 7.30am to 6pm
Weekends: 9am to 6pm

Where?: 61 avenue Pasteur, L-2311 Limpertsberg



Another notable coffee destination in Luxembourg is Bloom, located in the Gare district. Bloom is renowned for its delectable brunch offerings and specialty coffee. The spacious and open atmosphere, adorned with minimalist decor, provides a relaxing environment for coffee enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite brews.

Bloom's commitment to quality is evident in their choice of The Barn roasters from Berlin, ensuring a perfect espresso experience. Their iced coffee, with its unique peanut buttery aftertaste, adds a touch of richness to the overall flavor profile.

Open: Everyday!
Weekdays: 8am to 5pm
Weekends: 9am to 6pm

Where?: 101 Rue Adolphe Fischer, L-1521 Gare Luxembourg


Now that you've had a glimpse into our caffeine-fueled adventure through Luxembourg's specialty coffee scene, we can't help but wonder: where do you go to satisfy your coffee cravings? Do you have a favorite spot that we missed? Share your go-to coffee shops with us, and let's keep the conversation brewing!

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