Passengers on a BA flight from London City to Düsseldorf were rather surprised to find themselves landing in Edinburgh, and the pilot had no explanation.

Passengers aboard the flight only realised the error when they landed and an announcement welcomed them to Edinburgh, which, while a lovely city, is a destination none of them had in mind when they bought tickets to Düsseldorf.

The flight has since been 'redirected' to Düsseldorf, according to information obtained by the BBC, but there is no information as to how many passengers were affected.

A passenger on board the flight also told the BBC that fellow passengers asked the crew whether they were joking, which they were not. At this point passengers were asked to raise their hands if they wanted to go to Düsseldorf, which unsurprisingly they all did.

The plane remained on the tarmac in Edinburgh for 2.5 hours before taking off to its actual destination, and according to the above passenger they ran out of snacks and the toilets were blocked.

BA says that the plane was not lost at any point, but that the paperwork had said Edinburgh. The reasons for this are unclear.

"Diverted" to Edinburgh

In response to a passenger query, BA tweeted that the plane had been "diverted" to Edinburgh for unknown reasons:

However, the passenger was quick to question this choice of words and noted that it appeared more like a mistake than a diversion:

At this point, BA acknowledged that they did not have any information on what happened:

This map by Flightradar24 shows the route taken by the plane. The red line indicates the actual destination. / © Flightradar24