Former director of the Inspectorate of Finance Jeannot Waringo has been undertaking a special report on the internal workings of the Grand Ducal Court. In the meeting with the parliamentary commission on institutions, Minister of State Xavier Bettel estimated that the Waringo report will be complete before the Christmas break.

The goal of the Waringo report is to gain an oversight of the Court's expenses, notably those concerning personnel costs. The report is also investigating the management of the Court's employees.

Bettel detailed the process the submission of the report would entail in the meeting on Wednesday. Special representative Waringo would submit the report to the government in December ahead of the break. Next, the Minister of State would present the written document of the report to the parliamentary commission in January and finally, possible recommendations would be added to the 2021 budget draft bill.

The 2020 budget has put aside €10.6 million aside for the Grand Ducal Court, which is half a million less than this year. The notably difference is that the Grand Ducal's representation allowance is being dropped next year. This allowance represented €245,000 of the budget put aside for the Grand Ducal family in 2019.

Chamber of Deputies budget increasing by €4 million

Around €47 million of the 2020 budget will be allocated to the Chamber of Deputies, some €4 million more than this year. The increase is mainly due to the increase in secretarial allowances for MP staff, which is currently estimated at €3,700 per MP and is due to rise by €2,800.

Debates on electoral system and constitution separated

The CSV provided a bit of leeway when it came to their demands concerning the constitutional reform, in the process getting rid of the deadlock that had emerged in the debate. MPs agreed that there should be separate debates on the electoral system and the constitution's reform. This means that discussions on accumulating mandates and restructuring constituencies will take place separately.

Informal meetings between political parties on the constitutional reform have taken place over the past few weeks, as confirmed by MP Alex Bodry. The information campaign on the new proposed constitution text was meant for this autumn, but remains inexistent.

The parliamentary commission will meet on three further occasions before mid-December.