She participated in Sweden's famous 'Vätternrundan', which takes cyclists 300km around Sweden's second-largest lake, Vättern, to raise money for Professors Without Borders.

It also happens to be the world's largest recreational bike race. As we reported previously, the lake has a surface area of 1,893km2, which means it's about 70% the size of Luxembourg (2586km2). Her participation number was 24444, and according to the official race website, this means that Tessy and her tandem partner clocked a time of 14 hours and 51 minutes, averaging a speed of around 20km/h - not a bad effort over 300 kilometres!

We had the pleasure of catching up with Tessy after the race to ask a few question.

Interview with Tessy after the race

Well done on completing the race! First up.. how did your legs feel afterwards?!
They actually feel fine, I'm not sore at all! The only thing is, one of my fingers is a bit numb, so I can't feel my finger.. which is probably from holding the handlebar. But for the rest I'm fine. I'm a bit tired, I'm not sore.

My knees were killing me a little bit, that I forgot.. But after one night's sleep that was better!

What was the best aspect to the race?
The best bit of it was that it was all just very exciting, because I've never done it before. So literally everything, every single turn, every single stop, was very exciting — because you didn't know what to expect.

Do you think you'll do more races, did you get a taste for it?
I'm not not sure yet, this one I need to digest a little bit! But I will definitely do other sports challenges, similar to this - maybe not on a bike, but in other ways.

I think it's a really good way to do charity fund raising, because you really have to put effort in it! It's not just hosting a lunch, you actually need to train and put your time and effort to raise the funds. That gives it that extra love towards the charity, which is needed I think.

So.. has this changed your view of the Schlecks and Jungels at all? ;)
I was always a big fan of them! I think they're really amazing people, and as a Luxembourger I'm very proud that they're Luxembourgish, because I think they rock! 

After a few hundred kilometres I got off the bike, and that was it for me and I was really struggling. Imaging them doing that every day during the Tour de France, for a few weeks, is insane, and absolutely puts cycling for me on another level.  It's really tough! And I think if you're such an extreme sportsman as they are, you need to be really, really strong in your body, but also your mind.

Do you have any other challenges or events coming up to raise funds?
Yes, I do have other events coming up! I'm going to Thailand now, it's more conferences that are coming up now. But it's not sports. For sports I will keep cycling, I have my bike in my living room, my professional bike now, which I will do every day one hour, because I actually do enjoy it. I may not do 300 kilometres, but a one day, one-hour is a must, because I really enjoyed it!

Did your kids come along to support you, and did they think you'd be able to do it?
My kids did not come along this time, they were very sad to miss it. I travel a lot with them normally but they were with their dad, as it was father's day, so they were with their dad. 

But they were of course very excited, and asked me millions of questions! And you know, were laughing when I told them that my butt cheeks were hurting a bit from sitting for 15 hours! But for the rest, they were very proud and they were really excited for me that I finished it. They were really impressed actually, that I finished it, because I think they realised that it must have taken a lot out of me. And when I told them that I was really struggling at the end, with some tears in my eyes, that I wanted to stop because I was literally in agony, they were really impressed.

What's next on your calendar more broadly?
Luxembourg national day for the first time at home since years! I am so excited! It feels good to come home again. 26-28 Tuscani sustainability conference
29 June to 4 juli Thailand with my NGo professors without borders to organise a conference on women, education and development and to launch our summer school there as well as teach and take part in some panel discussions.

Over the summer I am working on some projects for the Finding Butterflies Consultancy. September to December I will be mostly in the middle east for work and to learn Arabic, and the women in leadership conference in Dubai in October.

[Tessy is also working on a] Netflix documentary series called Princesses - 4 pilot episodes to raise awareness of women worker conditions in 4 countries around the world.

Work on my projects with Montessori specifically on some exciting new developments and the new center of excellency