The prestigious award is handed out by the "We're Smart Green Guide".

"This recognition helps me push myself even further", chef Mathieu stated after the award was announced. The restaurant in Bourglinster has now won the title for a second year in a row.

"Vegetables are not there to replace a meal, but rather to be a meal. This cuisine is everything from delicious to colourful, comforting, light, fine, or rustic... it is exactly what you want it to be", he added.

Officials from the Green Guide visited hundreds of restaurants around the globe over the course of the year. The team usually evaluates how much of a menu relies on fruit and vegetables, how creatively they are used, how big the carbon footprint of a business is, or even how great the social impact is.

Restaurants can be awarded one to five "radishes" by the Green Guide. Here is an overview of this year's top ten:

  1. La Distillerie (Bourglinster, Luxembourg), chef René Mathieu
  2. De Nieuwe Winkel (Nijmegen, the Netherlands), chef Emile van der Staak
  3. Vrijmoed (Gand, Belgium), chef Michaël Vrijmoed
  4. Piazza Duomo (Alba, Italy), chef Enrico Crippa
  5. L'Oustau de Baumanière (Les Baux de Provence, France), chef Glenn Viel 
  6. L'Arpège (Paris, France), chef Alain Passard
  7. Eleven Madison Park (New York, United States of America), chef Daniel Humm
  8. Ricard Camarena (Valencia, Spain), chef Ricard Camarena
  9. Humus x Hortense (Brussels, Belgium), chef Nicolas Decloedt
  10. L'Air du Temps (Liernu, Belgium), chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre
On 21 November 2021, We're Smart World will also present the "Future Awards", given out to businesses and organisations during the Horeca Expo in Ghent in Belgium.