The restaurant "Au Mouton Noir" is situated in Rombach-Martelange in the north of the Grand Duchy, close to the Belgian border.

In spite of the pandemic, the restaurant has not experienced vast declines in revenue over the past few months. Both offer and demand have remained relatively unaffected, with clients even being more generous than in regular times.

Olivier Schpetlevane, owner of the "Mouton Noir", says there are still plenty of reasons to worry, as he feels for the despair of his Belgian colleagues across the border. He thus decided that starting next week, he will invite a chef over every Monday to work in his kitchen: "We want to show that we restaurateurs stand in solidarity, regardless of where we come from. The entire community is suffering at the moment."

All revenues from said days will further be given to the Belgian chefs, a decision which is highly appreciated across the border. "Au Mouton Noir" currently offers a 3-course-menu at €37.