Dutch moving platform ScanMovers.com dove into the world of craft beer and tried to rank best cities in the world for cracking a cold one. Luxembourg can pride itself on a decent 9th place finish.

The Dutch company looked at various indicators such as "craft beer bars per 100 km2, bars per capita, microbreweries, beer consumption, beer production, pint-prices, operating hours, hipster compatibility, craft beer buzz, and the legal beer drinking age."

Hasta la vista Munich, Berlin, Prague and Brussels - Luxembourg got you crushed at a decent 9th place.

Luxembourg scooped its excellent ranking because it scored huge in the "Craft Beer Bars per Inhabitant category" (26.65) and Luxembourgers, well, have a per capita beer consumption of 84 liters. Comparatively long opening times were also a factor.

As the website explains, the Grand Duchy could have ended up even higher still - "if it brewed a bit more beer by itself."

Top 25

1) Denver
2) Dublin
3) Chicago
4) London
5) Bangkok
6) Vancouver
7) Portland
8) Miami
9) Luxembourg
10) San Diego
11) San Francisco
12) Munich
13) Berlin
14) Seattle
15) Ottawa
16) Philadelpiha
17) Prague
18) Toronto
19) Buenos Aires
20) Copenhagen
21) Brussels
22) Houston
23) Cape Town
24) Cologne
25) Budapest