The BGT, an English language theatre company, is putting on a play about the life and poetry of Emily Dickinson.

“I can’t tell you – but you feel it - “ is playing at Lycée Michel Rodange on 27, 28 and 29 of April. Writer Eloïse Heger-Hedløy and director Tony Kingston, joined Melissa Dalton for an interview on The Home Stretch on RTL Today Radio.

Eloïse had just graduated from the Luxembourg International School and was looking for a project to do during her gap year before attending the Californian institute of arts. That's when she came across the poetry of Emily Dickinson which inspired her to write her very first play: “I can’t tell you – but you feel it - “.

When speaking about her play, the young writer says that Dickinson broke many conventions when she wrote her poems. In fact, she was so ahead of her time, she deliberately chose to not publish most of her work in her lifetime. “She knew what she had but she also knew that it wasn’t going to work", Eloïse concluded.

Therefore with her play, Eloïse dives head first into the question “Why do we make art, why do we write poems, if no one is going to read it.”

At just 19 years old, she’s already having one of her plays produced, with the help of Tony Kingston and his theatre company BGT. Together they workshopped her script.

For Kingston and his wife (the co-founder of the theatre company), it has become highly important to support plays written by or heavily featuring women.


“I can’t tell you – but you feel it" shifts between the imaginary world of Dickinson's poems and her very real world with the conflicts that she faced everyday. The play discusses instances that many women have to face, including the pressure to settle down and marry, as one's biological clock runs out. Topics such as these are something many women, especially those in the arts, still have to deal with these days.

Listen to the full interview to find out more about the play and the BGT's work as a whole.

The next play they will be putting on at Neimënster "Daisy pulls it off" prominently features a cast of young women.

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