The theatre collective ill, or independent little lies, aims to unite people from different areas of theatre.

This also goes for their most recent project Zizou a Zazou, where the two actresses Frédérique Colling and Catherine Elsen meet director Claire Wagener. Financing came from the Edmond Dune bursary. The project, which focuses on women, had been planned for a while.

Zizou and Zazou are two women who have been friends all their lives and now look back on various events. The play touches on a number of different topics relating to women, such as sexuality or religion. The form mattered just as much as the contents to the three creators.

They developed the concept and the text together, and large parts of the production were elaborated during improvisation.

Even if women's topics are at the forefront of the project, men are of course welcome. The play can be seen at the Carré de Hollerich until 7 July.