Motherwell based choose your own adventure style Panto delivers the laughs in spades!

There's a lot to be said about Panto season and some of it is rather risqué (if you did not roll your r's when saying that, then perhaps this is not for you)!

Not to be outdone by COVID putting the kibosh on a great many live performances in 2020, Motherwell Theatre  bring you this unique and interactive production starring Motherwell Panto Legend Ian ‘Sheepie’ Smith.

A one off price of 10 quid gets your access to the digital production for 48-hours, meaning that you can watch the show many times over.

While it is no Bandersnatch in terms of branching options, it does whizz through many of Panto's favourite scenes and beloved characters. Keep an eye out for Louise Andree Douglas's scene-stealing turn(s).

The Sushi Shop sequence is a belly laugh starter for sure.

All covid-19 restrictions and safety measures were in place for the recording of the production.

Check out the info here.