The Ministry of Culture has awarded a prize to three innovative projects brought to life during the Covid-19 pandemic and the imposed restrictions.

The jury, made up of Olivier Frank (Director of the Pierre Werner Institute), Simone Molitor (Culture journalist for Lëtzebuerger Journal) and Marc Thill (Culture journalist for Wort) selected three projects.

The "Prix de l'innovation Covid 2020" for artists goes to Nora Wagner for her exhibition "jamais peut-être", who made use of the lockdown period to test new ways of presenting plastic art on the internet. Together with Carole LouisTrixi Weis and Aurélie d’Incau, Wagner set up a virtual exhibition space compiled with their works. The project is awarded with 5,000 euros.

The prize for a structure or cultural association, endowed with 9,000 euros, goes to 2 winners. Once to the State Theater and the Kinneksbond of Mamer for their collaboration and programme in the context of the sanitary crisis.

The remaining 4,500 euros will be donated to the Grand H Association for their project "Window Loving".