Two years ago Luxembourg's Grand Théâtre decided to breathe new life into old stories by having Luxembourgish productions performing well known fairytales.

In 2017, this initiative took over Rumpelstiltskin. This year, it's time for Rapunzel to take on a new contemporary meaning.

Originally published in 1812, the Brothers Grimm fairytale has found a modern musical interpretation: Rapunzel, an ambitious musician, is locked in an 8m tower to work on her musical career. The production will feature new songs and compositions by Fast Waltzing.

The villain of the story is a casting agent-cum-wizard to whom Rapunzel has been sold, part that is shrouded in darkness and mystery.

Thus, the classic story has found a present-day telling, covering themes such as youth, and the hopes, dreams and ideals of the young, themes that speak to the human imagination and experience across history.
This play will hold its initial opening on Saturday, with additional performances scheduled for Sunday and next Wednesday.