Since October 2018, children between the ages of 6 and 12 have been regularly practising with the Zaltimbang circus school ahead of the showcase on 2 June.

These 16 children have formed the En piste! circus troupe with the help of the Zaltimbang circus school, practising every Saturday morning.

The purpose of the project, as organised by neimënster and Zaltimbang, is to create a pedagogical project fostering the values of solidarity, respect, individual fulfilment, creativity, and joy. The children, as guided by Zaltimbang, have worked with different groups of artists in the endeavour to understand the discipline and demands of circus, with a dramatist helping to put the showcase spectacle together.

All this work will come together on 2 June at 4pm in the Robert Krieps hall in Neumunster Abbey. En piste! will also be supported by the Moroccan acrobat troupe Colokolo, a troupe of athletes who refused to give up their childhood dreams. The troupe is known for its work with the Moroccan association AMESIP, which helps children in vulnerable situations by introducing them to juggling and acrobatics.

Ticket prices are €12 or €6 for concession prices. Those with the Kulturpass will be able to purchase tickets for €1.50.