During the festival, presumed assumptions about gender, sexuality, the human body, and sexual needs will all be questioned and put into doubt.

The Esch-sur-Alzette based interdisciplinary theatre collective Independent Little Lies (ILL) is showcasing their new festival, Queer Little Lies, between 30 November and 2 December.

The festival will give the stage over to people who transcend societal norms. The festival will question certain stereotypes relating to gender and sexuality with theatre performances, films, exhibitions, and workshops.

According to Sandy Artuso, the board secretary, the term "queer" has two definitions. The first definition is an umbrella term for everything LGBTIQ and the second refers to a political tradition.

Queer theory is a field of critical theory which explores normative and deviant ideas of gender and sexuality. Queer theory critiques hetero-normative constructions of self and moves away from them.

ILL sought artists who examined gender and heteronormativity in their art in a critical fashion, all which acknowledging that these discourses are not massively present in Luxembourg.

As a result, the line up is considerably international, including artists from Paris, Berlin, and Zurich.

As for the workshops, one workshop concerns drag kings. Cigale (the gay and lesbian information centre) worker Enrica Pianaro will use the workshop to deconstruct binary conceptions of masculinity and femininity.

By using the example of drag kings, in which women cross-dress as men, the workshop will also extend to behaviours that are coded in gender.

Primarily, the drag king workshop will allow participants to explore their own physical attributes in a non-binary way.

For the full programme, visit www.ill.lu. Some performances will take place in English.