The national cultural fund (Fonds Culturel National - FOCUNA) offers a multitude of artist residencies to aid budding artists in various domains.

Since 2016, FOCUNA has been offering residency programmes in multiple arts domains (to choreographers, authors, musicians, etc,) alongside national and international cultural institutions.

In combination with funding provided by private sponsors, this enables budding artists to develop their skills and explore their creativity using a host of technical and financial tools.

The residencies also include research in the domains of the arts and allow artists to significantly further their professional careers.

The fund lists multiple residencies and grants on their website here  (in French), including those sponsored by other entities, such as Fondation Michelle and the Bicherfrënn. The offer of residencies is expansive - ranging from musical residencies to choreographic ones, as well as visual arts and literature.

The application process includes an evaluation by jury of experts who then select candidates based on merit. Factors taken into account include the quality of the applicant's projects, the relevance of their approach, their education, and more. The residencies all have different deadlines and are not limited to residencies based in Luxembourg. Some are based as far as Montreal, or in closer cities like Berlin.