The Luxembourgish culture scene is finally waking up after coronavirus shut it down for months. It is therefore highly important for residents to visit this cultural and interdisciplinary festival of music, dance and literature.

The first edition of the festival This is a Human's World will take place on 12 September in Tétange. Organised by the Schungfabrik and the Equal Opportunities Commission of Kayl/Tétange, the festival consists of music, literature, and dance.

What makes the festival so unique, you ask? Pascal Useldinger, head of the cultural commission of the Schungfabrik and initiator of the festival, explains the alternative and progressive theme. The festival seeks to celebrate femininity and everything that comes with it. Rather than to lament and complain about the negatives, he hopes to focus on the positive and come up with alternative solutions.

In terms of music, the programme is loaded with local groups, including C'est Karma, Nikool, Francis of Delirium, Aishhinka and Edsun.

Dancers like Simi Chmiddaner and the Dutch dance company will guarantee meaningful performances that reflect the general theme of the festival. One piece titled 'Life is short, buy that dress' criticises the manner in which we consume clothing nowadays. It raises awareness of the problematic areas, but gets spectators thinking about alternatives.

On top of music and dance, a theatre piece titled 'Le courage' will tackle the theme of oppression at work, gender inequality, as well as racial inequality.

Finally, a discussion panel will be organised for those who wish to express their opinion on the explored themes.

Should you wish to attend, it is advised to book in advance on due to safety measures in light of the coronavirus. Useldinger explains that the festival will welcome 80 to 100 visitors, with free admission. More information is on their website.