French band Orwell, led by Jérôme Didelot, have been charting an original path on the land of Indie music production since the dawn of the century.

While that appears to be a very long time, fashions and trends seem to have no hold on the group.

Based in Nancy (Fr), which has developed an aesthetic of its own, between French delicacy and musical sophistication, Orwell are a band you will be happy to have been introduced to.

Here we chat with Jérôme Didelot about COVID's impact and Orwell's terrific new LP, Parcelle brillante (Bright Segment in English).

The Livestream will begin at 8pm, Saturday 25 April via RTL Today's Facebook Live.

- How has the lockdown affected your writing and performing?

(JD) The lockdown happened just before the release of the new album so I wasn't really in a writing process. But I confess that since the beginning of the lockdown, I've done several unexpected creative projects: a songwriting collaboration with my friend Cascadeur for a charity project, the recording of a Beach Boys’ cover with American musician Daniel Carlson a few other things. Plus a live session from my living room with my 12 years old son.

 - How has this impacted the release of your new record?

(JD) A lot actually. The cds and vinyls are not delivered yet. The shows we were supposed to play in May (Nancy, Paris, London) are delayed. But I try to be cool about it. It's no big deal compared to the nightmare lived by people working for the big events.

- What were your hopes when making this LP?

(JD) I'm trying to be as enthusiastic as I was when we released our first proper album in 2002. Every time a record is out I just hope that the music will make us (my fellow musicians and I) live great experiences, playing shows, meeting people, traveling a bit, getting airplay…

- How does the future look for Orwell?

(JD) Let’s hope things will get better in September and that Orwell, as any other band, big or small, will be able to play shows by the end of the year.

Facebook Live, 8pm, Saturday 25 April