As we'll be introducing a new acoustic video every week, you can look forward to meeting a diverse range of music students from across the country. This is music Made in Luxembourg, and it's well worth listening to.

Every Friday, RTL You will be presenting a new musician and their personal cover of a well-known song. Last week we introduced you to 11 year old Naomi's cover of "if I ain't got you." The second instalment brings you 20 year-old Leticia with the song "We don't have to take our clothes off".

Most of us are guilty of using showering or bedroom cleaning as an opportunity to deliver a personalised concert. And indeed, this is where Leticia developed hers: in the bathroom. However, most of us keep these hidden talents to ourselves, and at first even her parents were unable to coax her out of her shyness.

This all changed on a class trip to Barcelona. It was on the flight over that Leticia finally spread her wings (so to speak), when a number of students decided to have a singing fest on the plane. Her voice left others stunned, and it wasn't long until hers was the only one left. It was this initial experience that provided her with the confidence to move forward.

The Rock University is not any old Music School. Here it's not just about playing music; it's about feeling the music, experiencing it, and most importantly, making it your own. Every class is tailored to students' needs, and the ensuing results have proved the viability of this approach.

Classes are accessible to all, from beginners to experts, and the staff is composed of professional musicians, passionate individuals who aim to support and cultivate all levels of talent.

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