Superjhemp Retörns, directed by Félix Koch, had an exclusive screening on Sunday...with English subtitles, RTL Today's Lisa Burke hosted the event at Kinepolis and we got some snaps of the audience to boot.

"In order to save the "small" Luxembourg from a cosmic catastrophe, an official in his fifties and in the midst of a crisis must recover his lost super powers and face his greatest fear: his family!"

Alongside RTL's Marketing and Communications manager Anne Grulms, RTL Today's Natascha Berndt, Lisa Burke and Stephen Lowe were on hand to give out tickets to lucky winners of our recent contest, we also roped in friends and family to hand out the popcorn and refreshments.

Distributed by Samsa film, the record breaking picture has been enjoyed by over 50,000 viewers since it's domestic release and will no doubt go on to smash home-viewing figures in the near future too.

RTL Today will shortly present an interview with Lucien Czuga as part of our RTL Reports series.

Watch this space.