How do you know if you've made it as Luxembourgish cultural icon? Why, by becoming a peckvillchen!

Combining the most iconic Luxembourger of all (sorry, JCJ) and a quaint Luxembourgish tradition, Lucien Czuga, the co-creator of Luxembourg's very own superhero, has created a Superjhemp version of an peckvillchen - the Vullejhemp!.

What is a peckvillchen, I hear you ask? Well, it is an earthenware whistle shaped like a bird created for the traditional Emaischen celebration, which takes place on Easter Monday.

For a more detailed introduction to Emaischen and the quaint whistles, you'll have to wait until closer the time... If your curiosity is piqued about Superjhemp, then why not check out our competition to win tickets to the special screening of Superjhemp Retörns with English subtitles?