Let’s transport ourselves back to early 2020. Rumours of a strange new virus are beginning to spread.

Within weeks it will become apparent that Coronavirus is something that requires a bit more attention than any of us could have ever imagined.

People began hoarding supplies like food, cleaning supplies and even mounds of toilet paper. (What was up with that?)  At the beginning of what would come to be known as a pandemic, views on the general public wearing masks were unclear.  I distinctly remember a call to the general public not to wear masks as it was unnecessary and taking away valuable resources from those who really needed it, specifically health care workers.

2 years on, the science behind masks is undeniable. While there are still those who feel incredibly inconvenienced by being asked to please place a small sheet of cloth over their face, most people agree that it’s a simple gesture that we can all do to protect one another and ourselves.

When we all began wearing masks, it wasn’t uncommon for people to incorrectly wear them. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about; not covering their nose and rendering the entire act of wearing a mask completely useless. This could easily be seen as people simply not knowing the correct way to wear a mask. Never mind the plethora of photos and videos strewn on social media and adverts with health care workers correctly wearing their face masks. Regardless, as with any new procedure, it’s not shocking or unusual  when implementation is not 100% correct right out of the gate.

Fast forward to present day, 2 years on and we are still wearing masks. 2 years of social distancing, 2 years of scientists working on miraculous vaccines, 2 years of media attention on the pandemic and of course, 2 whole years of mask wearing. It’s been 2 years and any excuse for not correctly wearing your mask is no longer valid.

It’s impossible that after living for 2 years through a global pandemic anyone on this planet could claim they don’t know a mask is meant to cover all of your facial orifices.

The excuse is no longer “ I don’t know” or “I’m sorry I’m adjusting” the only reason anyone would wear their mask incorrectly is because they are a coward.

We’re all very  aware of the vocal minority who are against Covid vaccines, against masks and generally (from what I see) against anything that benefits the greater good a.k.a. anyone other than themselves. I’m not here to start a discussion on why I think these views are wrong and detrimental, everyone is allowed to have an opinion (even though most of us are in no way qualified to have opinions on medical science).

I’m likely correct in assuming that it is these people who are against wearing masks that continue to incorrectly wear them. So my question to anyone purposefully wearing a mask under their nose is “what are you so afraid of?”  There are few things more cowardly than someone who holds a view until they actually have to stand up for their conviction.

You don’t want to wear a mask? Fine. Then don’t wear one, but don’t go through the motions of putting an over-used and dirty mask halfway on your face so you can pass as a person who is doing their part.

What is the point? Incorrectly wearing a mask does nothing except provide the opportunity to quickly pull it up over your nose (oh so you do know how to wear one correctly) to avoid having to stand up for your beliefs. The point is that incorrect mask wearers are cowards and there is no argument that can be made in their defence. If they had an argument, they wouldn’t have to hide behind their masks, and yes that’s what it is, hiding.

If you truly believe that you shouldn’t wear a mask, then don’t chicken out when your convictions come into question. There’s nothing to be afraid of right? Leave your mask at home and accept any and all consequences for your actions, at least that’s what I expect someone who stands up for their beliefs would do.

It’s been 2 years, wear your mask correctly or don’t wear one at all.