After being cancelled for the past two years, the ING Marathon is back this Saturday. We asked an athletic performer to share some of his golden tips for the run.

Frazer Alexander is well known for his athletic performances in the world of marathon running. He has participated in marathons all over the world as well as in his home-country Luxembourg.

In 2016, he held the title of vice-champion and participated in many races sponsored by ING called the ING Night Marathon of Luxembourg (42 km). This particular marathon attracts thousands of participants and Alexander finished 9th in 2014 with a running time of 2:38:26, with first place time being 2:15:44.

He is going to be a guest on our Ask The Experts radio show and will be answering all questions on marathon training, running techniques as well as optimising performance.

But for now he shared his 4 top tips for a successful marathon run.

  1. Fuel religiously every ½ hour for energy. Eat things like a half a banana, a nutty bar or an energy gel. It’s not easy to do, you have to train but it is crucial to keep your energy power in good supply otherwise you'll hit a wall.

  2. Carb load 3 days before the race. Eat carbs at every meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner; not too much, so you don't put on weight, but a carb portion with every meal. It's an extremely important step not to skip for a winning strategy.

  3. Visualize the course the night before, look at the map online, get familiar with the terrain, identify the difficult spots (going downhill and going back uphill when you might be depleted) and where your supporters are going to be, giving you that little extra power and energy. Run the course in your head several times, know the landmarks, know what’s coming next, preparing yourself for a successful run.

  4. Don't forget to high-five the kids on the side lines when they are putting out their hands. They see you as a great Olympian and massive running champion, so high-fiving them is very energizing and a crucial part of the atmosphere and sheer beauty of running a marathon.