UNICEF Luxembourg, on Wednesday, presented the latest findings from its Innocenti Research Centre on child poverty, labelling the situation as a "time bomb" that demands immediate attention.

The Innocenti report reveals a concerning statistic: nearly one in four children in Luxembourg, approximately 30,000 children, are at risk of poverty and social exclusion. Despite being the country with the highest spending on family benefits relative to its GDP, Luxembourg ranks at the bottom of the league table among 39 EU and OECD countries in terms of monetary poverty affecting children.

UNICEF spokesman Paul Heber stressed the urgency of the situation, stating, "This is not a utopia for us. When several countries with similarities to Luxembourg rank higher, it should be possible for the Grand Duchy to do so." Child poverty remains a problem in Luxembourg. According to the report, not only is the Grand Duchy at the very bottom of the league table, but the situation has worsened.

UNICEF has described the situation as a "time bomb," warning that leaders must act promptly to prevent a rupture in social cohesion. In light of this news, the organisation expressed particular regret that child poverty is not mentioned in the government's coalition agreement.