The National Association of Road Accident Victims (AVR) held its annual memorial service in Junglinster to honour the 36 lives lost on Luxembourg's roads this year, underscoring the human impact behind traffic statistics and advocating for enhanced safety measures.

Each year in November, the National Association of Road Accident Victims (AVR) organises a memorial service near Junglinster for those who tragically passed away in accidents over the past twelve months. In 2023 alone, 36 people lost their lives on Luxembourg's roads.

The association's aim is not only to commemorate those who died or were badly injured in a road accident, but also to remind people that behind every number and statistic lie real human lives. Lives that are completely changed and turned upside down from one second to the next.

Charles Bruck, vice president of the association, hopes that one day no road traffic victims have to be reported at all. Until such a day arrives, they want to help out and advise those who lost a loved one in a road accident.

"There is nothing I would like more than to axe the AVR because it is not needed anymore. But, currently it is looking like the exact contrary is happening. We want to continue our work and figure out what other preventative measures can be taken."

Speed cameras and the like are certainly no popular measures, but it is proven that fewer accidents occur on roads equipped with them, further argues Bruck.

Paul Hammelmann, the president of the Road Safety Association, showed himself pleased with the new coalition agreement. He explains that the incoming government will continue working on points that are important to them, like automated controls and speed controls. The new government also plans to install guardrails in front of trees next to the dangerous roads. On newly built roads, there will no longer be trees lining the street, they will be replaced with hedges.

"This is something we have been demanding for decades, but we were told that ecologically speaking, trees and hedges are not the same thing. ... I want to put human lives before being ecological", states Hammelmann.

The Road Safety Association plans on continuing to create preventive measures together with the AVR and the police in the future.

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