A cyclist was recently captured on video traversing the A6 motorway between Luxembourg and Metz, prompting police warnings about the severe risks and potential fines associated with such actions.

A cyclist carrying a huge sports back was recently filmed pedalling on the A6 motorway as he intended to ride from Luxembourg to Metz. Not only was the risk of causing an accident "very high", according to the police, but he also risked points on his driving licence. And the event was not an isolated case, police confirmed to our colleagues at RTL Infos.

"The risk of a cyclist being involved in an accident on the motorway is obviously very high", warns the police communications department. Cycling on a motorway, even if it is on the hard shoulder, is strictly forbidden by the road traffic act. Article 156 (Grand-Ducal regulation of 9 September 2019) states that "motorway traffic is reserved for self-propelled vehicles and coupled vehicles, provided that they can achieve a level speed of at least 40 km/h."

This means that bicycles, mopeds, and light quadricycles are not allowed on motorways.

€145 fines

Those who fail to comply with these provisions risk a taxed warning of €145 and the loss of two points. According to the Grand-Ducal police, "two taxed warnings were issued in 2022 because cyclists were riding on a motorway".

However, thus far, no cyclists have been fined in 2023. Although we know of at least one documented incident, the police can only intervene if cases are reported to them in due time.

Provoking accidents with 'serious consequences'

Whether you are a cyclist, a pedestrian, or a motorist with a breakdown, the police advise that you "never stay or drive on the hard shoulder of a motorway" and above all leave the motorway "as quickly as possible".

Vehicles travel at high speed on motorways and "it only takes a moment's carelessness to cause an accident", says the police communications department. As cyclists - like pedestrians - are the most vulnerable road users, such accidents "can have serious consequences".

In the best interest of their own safety, as well as that of all road users, the police therefore advise that anyone cycling on a motorway should be reported to them immediately.