The Grand Duchy is in the grip of a drought, with escalating temperatures. This has prompted a yellow alert from Météolux experts about a significant rise in ozone levels.

The meteorological experts are predicting that these conditions will persist in the days ahead. The summer heatwave shows no signs of letting up, with temperatures forecasted to reach a scorching 30°C this weekend.

A slight reprieve in temperatures is expected in the days to follow, but the skies remain stubbornly clear. This extends a dry spell that has been ongoing for several weeks, with no significant rainfall to alleviate the situation.

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The prolonged drought has resulted in a spike in pollution levels. Météolux has acted swiftly, issuing a warning about the increasing concentration of ozone in the air, a situation expected to continue from this Friday through to Saturday.


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At present, the forecast suggests no rainfall in the Grand Duchy until the following Wednesday. Authorities continue to closely monitor the situation.