DuPont Teijin Films, a major producer of polyester films, is closing two production sites in Contern, affecting 160 of the 270 workplaces in Luxembourg.

The company announced the news with a heavy heart, explaining the production site was no longer profitable. It argued that the main supplier of raw materials had fallen away and no alternative solution could be found.

The direction said it is aware of the consequences of its decision and together with the staff delegation and unions would look for the best possible solution for its workers.

OGBL and LCGB reacted in shock by the announcement and demanded the company come up with a plan to lay off as few employees as possible. The question of why the factory owned by Dupont de Nemours was sold to Celanese in 2021 should also be clarified.

The unions urgently demand a meeting with LSAP labour minister Georges Engel.