Luxembourg City mayor Lydie Polfer speaks about the changing society of Luxembourg, recounting its progress since the post-war era, her entry into politics, her career and discusses the 2023 municipal elections.

This week, Christos welcomes Lydie Polfer (DP), Luxembourg City's mayor and Member of the Chamber of Deputies to discuss her life, work and the upcoming elections in June 2023, where once again, she is a candidate, with Patrick Goldschmidt, on top of the Democratic Party ticket.

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Lydie Polfer is this episode’s guest and discusses her youth, and growing up in post-war Luxembourg, at a time when she says people still had to count their money, and in a much more-closed and less liberal society.

This week's conversation was recorded in French and is subtitled in English.


Luxembourg City Mayor Lydie Polfer speaking to Christos Floros at RTL City during the filming of Conversations with Christos. In the background, amidst the fog, the golden towers of the European Court of Justice in Kirchberg. / © RTL / Luca Emering

"It was an era that was marked by a society dominated by the Church", says Polfer during the conversation. She recalls her primary school days, where ‘every morning we went first to Church, and then together with our teacher to school’.

In this episode she recalls her first election, and her young-at-the-time partners: Anne Brasseur and Charles Goerens, “We all did this election together in '79”, she says.

She also discusses the tragedy that struck her family, and specifically her father, when in 1982, only a year after the elections that saw Camille Polfer elected Mayor, she had to replace him, and take the responsibilities of Mayor at a very young age.


Christos Floros (left) and Luxembourg City Mayor Lydie Polfer (right) discussing the upcoming 2023 elections. / © RTL / Luca Emering

“My father indeed became seriously ill and was unable to to assume the continuation of his mandate” Polfer recalls.

“It was a difficult time, I am an only child and so we were very, very close: my dad, my mum, and me” she tells Christos.

Ahead of the 2023 Municipal elections, the head of the list of the Democratic Party wanted to remind people that “myself and the aldermen have an open door for 1 hour a week where everyone can come”

Finally the Mayor said “we are a free society, so it's everyone's choice to take responsibility” in regards to encouraging foreign-residents who she called "not foreign residents" but "our colleagues, our neighbours, our friends".


Christos Floros in conversation with Mayor Lydie Polfer during the filming of tonights episode. / © RTL / Luca Emering

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This week's episode was filmed by Luca Emering and translated by Tom Weber.

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