Compared to average temperatures recorded over the years, January 2023 was too warm.

January was considered too warm by 0.9°C when compared to the average measured by the Findel meteorological station. The month's average temperature was 3.3°C. Usually, the average temperature in January is 1.4°C.

The first day of the year was also the warmest January day with 12.3°C, whereas 23 January was the coldest day of the month with -5.6°C.

The number of frosty days when temperatures stayed below 0°C during the day was 14, lower than the 17 days usually registered.

In terms of precipitation, January 2023 saw more rain than usual with 102 litres per square metre, up by 30 l/sqm. During eight days, a 1-cm-thick snow blanket was covering most parts of the Grand Duchy, which corresponds to the average. 7 centimetres of snow were the maximum, recorded on 21 January. A long way from the record-breaking 36 centimetres registered on 21 January 1951.

The sun was a rare sight in January. 27 hours were measured at the Findel meteorological station, down from 52 on average.