Luxembourg ranks among the countries that spend the lowest shares on food and non-alcoholic beverages. However when it comes to alcohol, the Grand Duchy finds itself in a much higher spot.

On Wednesday, Eurostat published new data that takes a closer look at EU households and their expenditures in 2021.

In 2021, households in the EU spent over €1.035bn (equivalent to 7.1% of total EU GDP) on 'Food and non-alcoholic beverages'. On average, an EU household spends around 14.3% on food and non-alcoholic beverages.

Luxembourg ranks as second-lowest, with a share of 9%. Only Ireland spends less with 8.3%.


The highest shares on the other hand were seen in Eastern European countries, with Romania (24.8%), Bulgaria (20.1%) and Estonia (19.9%) in the top three.

Compared to 2020, the share of total household expenditure on food decreased in all EU countries except for Poland and Slovakia. The increases were however very small.

Almost 1% of EU GDP is spent on alcoholic beverages

This translates to roughly €128 billion euros that were spent on alcohol in the EU in 2021, with an EU average of around 1.8% spent on alcohol.


Luxembourg's total household expenditure remains unchanged from 2020. Now ranked at #9, Luxembourgish households spent around 2.7% of total expenditure on alcoholic beverages.

The highest shares were registered in Latvia (5.0%), Estonia (4.7%), and Poland (3.7%). On the contrary, the lowest shares were in Greece and Italy (both 1.0%), the Netherlands (1.3%) and Spain (1.4%).

Compared to Luxembourg's 9% share on food, the 2.7% represents a relatively large share on alcohol for the Grand Duchy.