Crows are causing quite the ruckus around Luxembourg City: In sunny places, the birds gather in big groups and like to leave their nests behind. Now the City Council plans to take measures.

In the coming days, the crows' nests will be removed and the tree tops will be trimmed in different parts of the city, the municipality says in an email communication. This is all for hygiene reasons and often near schools and playgrounds.

This will be seen in Cessange Park, on Rue Christophe Plantin in Gasperich, and around the Gasperich and Merl schools.

The goal of trimming the tree tops is to prevent the crows from building nests in even more places.

But before you get too upset: these feathery friends are protected on state territory.

The municipality is also exploring alternative methods to allow crows to live in the city without causing any trouble.