On Monday, Minister of Education, Children and Youth Claude Meisch presented a new report focusing on the education of special-needs children in Luxembourg.

According to a new report presented by Minister Meisch on Monday, it takes ten months on average before care of a special-needs child starts. Since the 2017 and 2018 reforms, more means have been designated for inclusion, but the issue of time management is still to be improved.

Another relevant issue for children with special needs is the variety of languages used in Luxembourg's schools.

Our education system is a challenge for children who have had difficulties learning languages from birth, explained Marc Schmidt, director of the national Logopaedia Centre, in conversation with RTL. Affected children might master the curriculum with one or two languages, but three to four often ends up preventing them from graduating, he further noted.

Offering a French literacy programme is considered a first step in the right direction, but, according to Schmidt, children with special needs should be able to drop one language completely.

Diagnostics is a necessary process as it shows parents and teachers how a child is able to study and learn. A new draft law is hoped to help reduce waiting times to three months.

Compared to the academic year of 2014/2015, twice as many resources have been invested into special-needs children over the past five years. With 700 new positions, human resources saw the most substantial improvement.

Schmidt further lamented that it is often difficult to assess which of the country's specialised competence centres is in charge of a child.

Video report in Luxembourgish