The winners were nominated through their involvement with "Ambulanz-Wonsch" (ambulance wish) and "Médecins du Monde" respectively.

As 2022 drew to a close, we counted up the final tally for the Luxembourger of the Year contest, as RTL readers had cast their votes. There are two categories, for the male and female Luxembourger of the year, and as in 2020 and 2021, our readers decided to honour the health sector in casting their ballots.

Anyone could enter the voting process, and give between 1 and 7 points to each candidate.

Karen van Hout received an average of 4.457 points per user. Interview in English.

D’Karen van Hout ass Lëtzebuergerin vum Joer 2022
Doudkranke Mënschen e leschte Wonsch erfëllen: Dat huet sech d‘Karen van Hout zur Beruffung gemaach.

Through "Ambulanz Wonsch," or the wish ambulance, Karen van Hout helps terminally ill people make their final wish a reality. Using a specially modified ambulance, Ambulanz Wonsch has transported people to the beach, forest, or home town in accordance with their wishes - and it's all done in her spare time, without asking for any compensation.

Dr. Bernard Thill received an average of 4.515 points per user. Interview in Luxembourgish.

Den Dr. Bernard Thill ass Lëtzebuerger vum Joer 2022
Elo ass den Dr. Bernard Thill zwar an der Retraite, ma en engagéiert sech weiderhin bei Médecins du Monde Luxembourg.

For 35 years, Bernard Thill cared for patients with severe illness as a medical doctor. Now retired, he remains engaged with Médecins du Monde Luxembourg (Doctors without Borders), through which he cares for people without access to regular medical care.

De Voting 2022

6,933 people took part in the vote on our sister site RTL.LU to help choose our Luxembourg's of the year. We would like to thank everyone who took part in the vote - as well as everyone who took the time to write a nomination for someone deserving of the honour.

Who made the top-5 in 2022?

Top 5 women

1.Karen van Hout                               30902 (total points)

2. Christiane Passeri                             29226

3. Rachel Brixius                                    29074

4. Ni Xia Lian / Sarah de Nutte              27430

5. Monique Milbert                                 27391

Top 5 men

1. Dr. Bernard Thill                             31327

2. David Claerebout                              28354

3. Peter Aendekerk                               28324

4. Philip Crowther                                 27908

5. Guy Christen                                     26033

Previous years' winners

2022  Karen van Hout and Dr. Bernard Thill
People from the health- and care sectors
People from the health- and care sectors
Jenny Warling (Karate) amd Remy Eiffes (soldier)
Gwen Daufeld (work with patients suffering dementia) and Jeff Herr (wish pram)
Martine Kohl (Street Angels) and André Bichel (police)
: Nathalie Scheer (ALS patient) and Marcel Steffen (police)
: Yasmine Grisius (police, awarded posthumously) and Jean Asselborn (foreign minister)
2014: Noémie Siebenaller and Camille Arend (posthumously through work with "Le soleil dans la main", who died in a flight accident in Africa)
2013: Sylvie Conter (judge) and Gaston Vogel (lawyer)
2012: Eliane Leger (nurse) and Romain Hilbes (bus driver and life saver)
2011: Xavier Bettel (Luxembourg City mayor)
2010: Andy Schleck (cyclist)
2009: Andy Schleck (cyclist)
2008: Jean-Claude Juncker (Prime Minister)

The dual vote for male and female Luxembourger of the year began in 2012.