Luxembourg is experiencing a new wave of telephone scams. Recently, fraudulent links have been distributed under the banner of

Fraudulent text message are numerous and seem to be multiplying in the Grand Duchy. In recent months, many organisations had to inform the public of ongoing scams.

Post, BCEE, BGL, and, more recently, issued warnings to their users. The last official message on the issue was released on 7 October, but the phishing attempts have picked up in frequency again in recent days.

The latest one to make rounds in the Grand Duchy tells people that they are entitled to a tax refund. To receive the promised money, people are provided with a link that takes them to a site that mirrors

However, it should be noted that Guichet will never contact users by text message unless they explicitly enabled this particular option.

People that click on the link are then asked to provide bank and Luxtrust details. Caution is necessary, because the site is designed to steal exactly this type of confidential information.

Recipients are thus advised to ignore the link and to contact the Guichet Helpdesk via phone (+352 247 82 000).

This government website provides a list of fraudulent links that should not be visited.

People should not hesitate to report phishing attempts. In case of doubt, it is better not to click on unknown links and never to provide bank details.