Besides the numerous safety checks of the stalls and attractions, the organisations are also checking items such as toys, gadgets, and electronics. Another concern is making sure that stalls are accessible to the disabled.

Four employees of the Luxembourg Institute of Standardisation, Accreditation, Safety and Quality of Products and Services (ILNAS) visited the Schueberfouer on Thursday to check whether the items that are put up for sale or as prizes are compliant with national laws and regulations.

Alexis Weber, one of ILNAS' representatives at the Schueberfouer, explains that the first thing he checks for is the CE label, which the manufacturer themselves attaches to the product to declare that it is compliant and that they made sure that the product is safe.

Other things to look out for include whether there is a European contact listed on the item and whether the information is listed in one of Luxembourg's three official languages. If a discrepancy is detected, the stall owner is given the opportunity to fix the issue. If they fail to do so, the item is seized. According to Weber, stall owners are usually very cooperative.

Every week, ILNAS receives a list from the European Commission containing dangerous products that have been detected in the EU. ILNAS workers check the stalls for these items as well.

Stall owners are also proactively briefed on what they should particularly look out for. ILNAS regularly carries out random checks before and during the Schueberfouer.

Guaranteeing accessibility

The National Disability Information Centre Info-Handicap also paid a visit to the Schueberfouer. The organisation checks which stalls and attractions are accessible to people with disabilities, according to Yannick Breuer.

Breuer explains that access "must be guaranteed," either via a ramp or by making sure that the entrance is level with the ground and wide enough. However, Info-Handicap also checks whether disabled visitors are greeted the same way as others.

Some rides, such as a large haunted house, are also accessible to people with disabilities. Martin Blume, the manager of the ride, states that this is something that was "very important" to him.

Blume explains that his ride has a special vehicle for visitors with severe disabilities. Wheelchair users can access it via a ramp and are assisted by staff members all the way.

Info-Handicap advises those concerned to always check with ride owners whether an attraction is suitable for them or not. From Friday, all accessible stalls and rides are listed on the website

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