If you don't like change, you're in luck, cause it's more of the same this Thursday.

As we approach the beginning of the end of the work week, I'm finding it increasingly more difficult to find alternative ways to say "it's hot y'all."

Warm temperatures have yet again been announced with mostly clear skies. What I mean by mostly is that I'm not sure what sort of meteorological event the graphic on the weather bulletin is trying to convey...

Could it be clouds? Yes. Could it be fog? Yes.  Could it also maybe and most probably indicate general haze? Also YES!

So to reiterate, no rain, lots of sun, mostly clear skies and potentially some sort of haze/smog/cloud cover. Phew!

Temperatures will start off at 16-19°C, rising up to 32°C by the afternoon, and dropping to 25-28°C in the evening.

Traffic check

The police have announced the following checks for today:

Safe travels!

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