Greenpeace, natur&emwëlt, and Mouvement écologique have issued a joint statement of support for the forest occupiers in the 'Bobësch' woodland near Bascharage.

Activists have been occupying the forest for the past two weeks in an attempt to prevent the construction of a bypass destined to cut straight through the forest.

Three of Luxembourg's environmental organisations have now come forward to express support for the cause of the occupiers and to denounce the construction of the road as a "wrong political decision". The right path forward, according to the statement, is to calm traffic by promoting soft mobility and public transport.

The organisations further note that the destruction of woodland has to be avoided at all costs. They consider the 'Bobësch' near Bascharage to be deserving of protection and irreplaceable by compensatory measures.

The statement thus concludes that a change of course from the Minister for Mobility and Public Works would be most welcome.